Sales space (one shelf unit + 1/2 clothes rack – see image) 38 €/week + 5% commission of total sales.
Additional week 33 €/week + 5% commission of total sales.
Shelf unit 22 €/week + 5% commission of total sales.
Clothes rack Not available at this moment.
Alarm For free
Price tags 0,50 €/additional sheet
1 sticker sheet and 1 paper sheet (48 price tags in total) are included in the price of a sales space.
Sales space maintenance service 10 €/week
We will keep your sales space tidy daily.
Photo service 5 €/week
We will send you one mobile photo/day of your sales space.
Sales service 50% commission of total sales. Bring your goods to us, we’ll price them, put them on display and keep your sales space tidy daily. To be agreed in advance!
Emptying of sales space 25 €
Recycling service for unsold items 20 €
You may also bring us individual items to sell without renting a shelf (no clothes). We can take care of the pricing for you. The commission is 50% of the item’s price. To be agreed in advance.
One sales week is 6 days.
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